Friday, July 1, 2011

A baby Jake update!!

Just wanted to give you an update on second cousin, sweet baby Jake. He is up to 4 lbs 3 oz. and still being fed breast milk thru tubes. He is off of the ventilator and holding his own. His surgery will be in about 3 weeks. My cousin wanted me to thank you for your prayers!

This first picture is my absolute favorite! I am thinking about having it put on a canvas or something for my cousin.

Becky & baby Jake :)

Look at all that hair!!

Don't you just want to eat him up! I wish so badly I could go see him in the hospital!

My cousin Ashleigh (Becky's sister) told me that when Jake cries all Becky has to do is speak to him and he is silent. I thought that was the sweetest thing!!

Thank you all again for your prayers for our sweet baby Jake! I will keep you all updated as much as I can!

Just a note, if you are in a position or feel inclined Becky is in need of Virgin Mobile phone cards and extra money for expenses. The hospital feeds her 3 times a day but she has no money for anything else she needs. Her husband is having to travel back and forth to Vanderbilt from their home (about 4 hours away) and the money for gas is really breaking the bank for them. Becky's address is below:

Becky Brown
3311 West End Avenue
Room 309
Nashville, TN 37203

Thank you all again for your sweet prayers! You will never know how much they are appreciated!


Things Bella likes to play with...

...that are not her toys!

1. Power tools. This morning I walked in our room after showering and Bella was trying to get to a screw driver that was left out from hanging pictures the day before. I tried to get her to come and play with her rubby ducky and fishies but she refused. She kept running (crawling really fast rather) back over to that screw driver. I eventually had to place it where she could not find it!

2. Cords. Yes, I know I have blogged about this before but sheesh this child is almost impossible to keep away from cords in our house! Absolutely insane. I am almost certain that she b-lines for them as soon as I put her down in any room. She usually knows where they are in any room little child.

3. All of mommy's hair products. Every morning when I am getting ready she raids my hair product drawer (probably because it is the lowest one..but it is better than having the makeup drawer down there..can you imagine?) But instead of just playing with my brushes and combs she goes for the things that spray. Yesterday she sprayed her body with hairspray! Then thought it was extremely funny :)

What things do your babies/kids play with aren't their toys? :)