Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Not much to report for this weekend.

Friday night we ate some yummy tacos and watched movies with Noah's parents.

Saturday Teresa bought a new table for my scrapbooking..I love it!! Thanks Teresa!! Then Saturday night we went to Braden, TN to eat dinner with Noah's Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Aunt Cindy, Uncle Glenn, Bryan, me, Noah, Teresa, and Leroy. We went to a really good place known for their fried catfish (which I dont eat) but the chicken I had was good. It was a nice dinner.

Today we went to Southaven, MS to my apartment and got the last of the things I had there which was a bed and mattresses. We loaded them up and took them to Forrest City, AR where we met my mom. She took the bed and mattresses and then we were off back to home! We made it home and now I am blogging, about to scrapbook.

So that was our uneventful weekend. No pictures to post. But next weekend will be much more eventful and I will probably have TONS of pics to post!

Hope everyone has a good week!!

More Sadness in Hollywood!!

So now another well known man in Hollywood has passed. Billy Mays, most well known for his infomercials, was found dead this morning in his home. I just want to pray for this family as well as the families of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Micheal Jackson. May they all rest in peace!

RIP Billy Mays.

BILLY MAYS Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, June 26, 2009

What a week in Hollywood!?!

Wow, this has been some week in Hollywood!! 3 BIG stars died this week. Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. I would like to take this time to pray for their families and pray that the media lets the family mourn in peace.

Ed Pictures, Images and Photos

farrah fawcett a true figher Pictures, Images and Photos

Michael Jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

May you all rest in peace!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Fun Weekend!


This was my first Father's Day to spend with my wonderful fiance and I have to admit it was great! On Saturday morning we had breakfast at Cracker Barrell (one of my personal favs) with Noah's grandpa. We really enjoyed all being together, eating good food and having fun times.

Teresa (Noah's mom) and her daddy. Doesn't Noah look just like him???


Our babies playing or trying to play checkers waiting for our turn to sit down.


Papaw, Shirley, Elijah and Kirsten waiting for our food to arrive.


Pawpaw kissing on Elijah. Adorable!!


Me and Kirsten playing around waiting for everyone else to finish eating.


Noah and I with Papaw and Shirley.


After brunch we had some friends over to swim and cookout. We had so much fun playing in the pool and watching grown men play on the "Cars" slip and slide! Talk about some entertainment! Here are some pics from that evening.

Leroy flipping over after he slid down the slip and slide! ha ha.


Elijah going down the slip and took him a few tries to get it right!


Leroy trying to clean all the grass off of him...this picture turned out really funny.


Here are our friends Brandon and Jamie that we had so much fun hanging out with!


It was a long night. We ate dinner and then off to bed for the babies! Sunday was pretty uneventful (considering we celebrated on Saturday). We gave Noah and Leroy their presents after church and then just hung out at the house for the day!

I hope all the Daddy's out there had a WONDERFUL Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Six Flags Pictures!

Ok I finally have time to post some of our pictures from our Six Flags vacation with my baby (sorry little) brother Christian. Enjoy!!

Christian on the horse outside Lamberts!!


Here is all 4 of us in front of the Arch in St. Louis.


Christian and Jacob posing as "monsters"


Jacob and Christian on the Ferris Wheel.


Here is me trying to beat the heat with some didnt was still HOT!


We had a great time!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wedding Update!

Yesterday marked another milestone in the wedding planning agenda. I booked a florist! Finally. After much debate on whether we would do the flowers on our own or hire a florist we ultimately decided hiring a florist would be the best thing for us. So yesterday I had an appointment with a wonderful florist in Collierville where I live and just loved her! She really worked within our budget and the total ended up being a little less than $1,400! We were really excited with the price and quality we knew we would be getting.

Here are some of the flowers she is using in the arrangements and bouquets.



We are very excited for the wedding to get here!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacations, Vacations, Vacations!!

Well for my first post I guess I should write about the wonderful vacations we just took. We left on a Friday afternoon and headed to Orange Beach, AL with our two kids, Noah's parents, and of course us in tow! Needless to say our minivan was packed to the brim with 6 people and their luggage! We really had a wonderful time. The view from our 15th floor condo was just amazing.


Elijah loved the water and Kirsten loved the sand! Here are a few pics of them playing around!



Noah and I went parasailing (despite all of Noah's attempts to talk me out of it!). We took a dolphin cruise, but didnt see any dolphins because our boat's engine was messed up so we had to head back to the dock but the boat ride was really relaxing. Here are some pictures from the dolphin cruise.


MiMi, Pawpaw and Elijah ready for the boat to leave the dock.


MiMi, Pawpaw, Elijah and Kirsten looking for dolphins on the tour.


My wonderful fiance and I relaxing on the boat.

On our last night there Noah and I went to a pier and watched the sun set. It was very beautiful.



Our trip really turned out wonderful. We all loved being together as a family and relaxing.

Six Flags

After our wonderful beach vacation, Noah and I took my baby (sorry little) brother Christian and his friend Jacob to Six Flags for Christian's 13th Birthday. We stopped and ate at Lambert's Home of the Throwed Rolls. If you have not ever eaten at a Lambert's I suggest you do so sometime in your life! It is really good food and fun!

We tromped around Six Flags on Friday and then Saturday went to Hurricane Harbor, the water park inside of Six Flags. It was a great time!

We took Christian to a mexican restaurant for his birthday and they put a big sombrero on him and made him hold a guitar while they sang Happy Birthday to him! Much fun was had!

Sorry, but I am blogging at work and dont have any of this trip's pictures on this computer. I will will post them later!

Needless to say, after 10 days of non-stop traveling we were worn out and ready to get home!