Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Fun Part 2 (Sunday)

Sunday was Pawpaw (Noah’s dad’s) Birthday!  We had a BIG birthday dinner and enjoyed some family time.  The celebration was only for our immediate family (Noah, the kids, me, MiMi and Pawpaw). 

The pretty table.



Teresa (MiMi) has such great decorating skills..I hope to learn from her some day!


I didn’t get any pictures of all the food but it was super yummy.  Chicken ‘n Dressing, mac ‘n cheese, corn, lima beans, green beans, and rolls. 

and of course CAKE!!


German Chocolate Cake to be exact! And it was yummmmmy!




ha ha ha that last one cracks me up! Noah was being goofy!!

Pawpaw loves to golf so he got lots of great golfing presents.


Aren’t they precious???



He also got a scrapbook that I made him…it was of our beach vacation we took this past June! He liked it.




And that was our Sunday dinner! We had a great time!!

Happy Birthday PawPaw!! We love you!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Fun Part 1 (Saturday)

**Warning..Lots Of Pictures!!**

On Saturday we headed out to the Memphis Children’s Museum.  We love that place.  We have season passes but it really never gets old. 

Our little Memphis Tiger!




Dancing Queen (& King)



Maybe we will have a future fireman (firewoman)??



Or Dentists??



Or maybe even some performers??



This certain area let you see yourself on TV…here is our babies on TV.   They thought it was hilarious!


Or even an artist??


After our long day at Memphis Children’s Museum..we played even more at home.

Kirsten (aka Princess and/or Tinkerbell)



Daddy and Elijah playing “old school” Nintendo Super Mario Brothers.




Me and Kirsten watching them play.


And that was our Saturday. 

Soon I will post our eventful Sunday pictures!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bridal Shower!

On Saturday my Maid of Honor (Samantha) and Bridesmaid (Lesley) hosted my bridal shower.  It was held at my future Mother-in-Law’s house and all the food was cooked by Noah’s maw maw! The food was soooo good, unfortunately I did not get a very good picture of the table but I will give you a list of all the yumminess we had: Chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, cheesecake bites, orange stuff (that is what maw maw said the name was), cheeseball with crackers, punch, fruits and veggies, and chocolate covered almonds/pecans.  All the food was super good!

  Maw Maw, Me, and Teresa (my future MIL)


Samantha (MOH), Me (Bride), and Lesley (Bridesmaid)


I was so happy that some of my family could attend.  Aunt Joyce, Aunt Kim, Sam, and Emily.


Me with two of my favorite cousins!


Me with my future MIL…I know ya’ll may think you have the best MIL..but sorry to inform you that you do NOT..because I have her! She has been the one to keep me sane during this whole wedding planning.


Here I am opening presents.  I got so many great things! Thanks to everyone that came!


When conversation started about having babies I told everyone how many more I wanted…4! So then Teresa told me to put up the number of fingers of how many kids I wanted so she could document it..we already have 2 and I want 4 more so I held up the number 6! Everyone was calling me crazy!! But that is ok :)


These are my girlfriends from work.  Shannon, me, and Amanda!


And last but not least a picture of me and my hubby to be!! He was hiding upstairs most of the time but came down to visit and I snuck in a picture with him! Gosh I love this man!


I really had a fantastic time and I appreciate everyone’s hard work and time they put into the shower!

47 more days to go!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My First Bloggy Award!

Well I am excited to report that I got my first blog award:


Kmama over at The Daily Dribbles awarded me the "Honest Scrap" award. The rules are to pass this award on to 7 bloggers that I think are honest in their blogging and to list 10 HONEST things about myself. So here are my 10 things:

1. I am afraid of the dark at the age of 23. I will probably remain that way until I die :)

2. I come from a family of 4 of which I am the 3rd child.

3. I want multiples some day (twins, triplets, quads).

4. I have a southern accent, that I love!

5. I love to scrapbooking (but let's be honest I am NOT that great at it!)

6. I am a HUGE Daddy's girl!

7. I have no musical talent whatsoever...I mean none..I can't sing, play an instrument, etc.

8. I follow my kids around with a camera all the time trying to get a "good shot".

9. I have road rage, bad. I yell at other drivers for not using their blinkers, cutting me off, and so on and so forth.

10. And last but not least, I love driving my mini van even though most 23 year olds would much rather be driving a sports car.

Now I have to bestoy this award to 7 bloggers that I think are honest in their blogging and here it goes:

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Thanks Kmama for my award! Alright Ladies, pick up your button and play along!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weekend in AR!!

I know I am a little late on this one but life has been so busy with school and work lately and I haven’t found the time to blog.  So after finishing my school work tonight I decided to MAKE some time! This past weekend we took a trip home to AR where my family lives.  I love visiting home and seeing my family.  I live about 3 hours from my family so visiting home means a lot to me.  We drove down on Saturday and went straight to my parent’s pool. My sis in law, niece, brother, step-mom, daddy, cousin, me, Kirsten, Elijah and Noah all jumped into the pool for some much needed family time.  Here are some pictures from our swim time.





My daddy with Kirsten.


My dad with Stevie (on the left) Elijah (on his back) Kirsten (on his right) and Jayci (in front of him).  He really enjoyed having all his grandkids (& Stevie his nephew) with him.  He is such a big kid himself! (Love ya daddy!!)


Man I look really white in this I am white but not THAT white! lol.

Stevie and Elijah are the same age and they really had fun playing together.  Proof below:


Spiderman (aka Stevie) and Batman (aka Elijah).  They were so funny to watch in these outfits.  Just adorable though!

Saturday night my dad, little brother and I took Elijah and Noah to I-30 Speedway in Little Rock.  I went there a lot growing up and really enjoyed taking Noah and Elijah to see that part of my childhood. 


My daddy and little brother, Christian.


Yep I am a daddy’s girl!! Me and my daddy!!


Elijah watching the races intently.


My daddy trying to “eat” Elijah’s ice cream.  Elijah wasn’t having it!!


We had a really great time in AR!  Thanks Dad and Dana for having us over! We enjoyed our visit!

On the drive home I looked back and saw this.


Of course I had to take a picture! They are so sweet!