Monday, January 25, 2010

"When Life Hands You Lemonade" Award

I recieved another award from one of my favorite bloggers..Kmama over at The Daily Dribbles gave me the "When Life Hands You Lemonade" least that is what she thinks it is called. ha ha! I LOVE getting awards! Thanks, Kmama!


So the rules are:

1. Thank the giver of the award and link to their blog.
2. List 5 things about yourself.
3. Link 5 new recipients and notify them.

Number 1-See Above..Check!

Number 2- List 5 things about yourself:

1. I have a "ghetto booty" as most people call it. I have a much larger "booty" than most 5'3" 125 lbs women. I have known just about my whole life because at an early age guys starting pointing it out (stupid boys!)

2. I have been through a lot of heartache and hassle with my mom. She has been to jail (too many times to count) and prison once. (She has been out and clean from drugs for 3 years today! Praise HIM!)

3. I have been married before. I got married in September 2007 and divorced in the summer of '08. We seperated in December '07 though. We had been together for 4 years and he could never be faithful. Marrying him was an awful decision but it is what brought me to where I am today.

4. I used to tell people my birthday was on a holiday (May 1st..May Day) It is a holiday..a mexican holiday! ha ha.

5. I am lazy. Seriously, lazy! It is pathetic (I am not a slob, but lazy, there is a difference)

Number 3- List 5 new recipients and notify them.

Kristen at The Bradley's

Danielle at Letting Go and Letting God

Nati at I Will Praise HIM

Linsey at Hanging with the Hudson's

Kristi at Loving 2 Miracles

Thanks again, Kmama!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Lately, I have been having some really emotional moments. I know I am preggers so that is normal but DANG! I have been thinking about some things that really put me over the edge crying..the funny part is that most of the time when this happens..I am alone in my car or at my desk. I guess that is when I get the most "emotional".

Like one day last week, it was raining, and I was on my way to work. I started thinking about whether the baby is a boy or girl. The name I picked for a girl has my grandmother's name in it. My grandmother passed the day before I graduated high school in 2004. Lilyann Eve is the name we picked for a girl. Ann was my grandmother's name. Well while driving I started thinking about my grandma and started talking to her..about why we picked the name Lilyann and why we spelled it that way. Of course I just broke down, started crying and had to pull over and calm down.

Sometimes, I start thinking about becoming a mother and emotions rear their ugly head again. I wonder if I will be a "natural" like some women or if I will be a complete failure. I worry that people will be watching my every move and critizing the things that I do. I am a natural worrier anyways, but with these pregnancy hormomes surging through my body, I am like a ticking time bomb! No kidding!

I know all these things are normal for pregnant women but I hate letting them get the best of me. I cry at the drop of a hat over a song, a news story, a blog entry, etc. etc.

This post is pretty random..but just thought I would share.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bloggy Awards!

Nati at I will praise HIM gave me two Bloggy Awards! I love it!



1. To accept these awards you must post them on your blog with the name and a link to the person who gave them to you.
2. Pass on the award to about 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are great! (I only chose 6)

3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they have been chosen for this award.
4. For the Beautiful blogger award you must say 7 things about yourself.


7 Things About Myself:

1.  I love my family very much and love being around them as much as I possibly can!

2.  My daddy was in the military my entire life…I LOVE being able to brag about him! He is such an amazing man!

3.  I am pregnant with my first (biological) child and could not be happier!

4.  I like working in the law field…but I despise working in personal injury.

5.  I am super lazy..I really try not to be..but it gets the best of me most of the time.

6.  I am scared of the dark…not like a little scared…like I leave lights on when I am by myself at night!

7.  I like to scrapbook but have really neglected doing it lately.  I hope to get back on that track soon!


As for my nominees:

Jackie @ A Step at a Time

KC @ Awful Beautiful Life

Jamie @ Jamie’s Thoughts

Danielle @ Letting Go and Letting God

Kristi @ Loving 2 Miracles

Kristen @ The Bradley’s

Thanks again Nati!

3 months Pregnant!

I am (almost) 3 months pregnant now!  I had some major morning sickness during the first 9 weeks of pregnancy but now I am feeling great!  I am tired a lot but I am pretty sure that comes with the territory!  Nearing the end of my first trimester is so exciting! I am thrilled to begin this next step in my pregnancy!

Here is my 3 months pregnancy picture:

3 months preggo

I am getting a belly already! But I was really little before getting pregnant so there is not much else for me to do! ha ha.  I am wearing some maternity shirts and sometimes some maternity pants.  My jeans do not fit at all but my dress pants still seem to be fitting well.  My shirts just seem a little tight and uncomfortable. 

I have the best husband, in-laws, parents, and friends a girl could ask for! They are all very supportive of my “mood swings” Lol.

I love being pregnant!

Oh and this is my 100th post :)

We will find out the 2nd or 3rd week of March if we are having Samuel Bradley or Lilyann Eve! I can’t wait!

Friday, January 15, 2010

2nd Doctors Appointment

I had my second baby check up yesterday, (01/14/2010). It went well. The doctor did an exam, took a pee sample, and made sure everything was good. It was!

He said my pregnancy was "normal and healthy"!! yay!! I love hearing those words.

I am 10 weeks 6 days today. Almost out of my first trimester! yay!

As of now I have:

Lost 3 pounds (probably due to all the morning sickness I had)

Finally stopped having aforementioned morning sickness! (what a blessing)

I am so ready to find out what we are having..but I have 8 more weeks before that will happen. Somewhere around the second week in March, 2010.

Thanks everyone for all your prayers and support for a healthy baby! We are truly blessed to be the parents of this tiny human!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Show Us How You Live-New Years Resolutions/Goals

Kelly @ Kelly's Korner is back hosting the Show Us How You Live blog carnival!!

This week is New Year's Resolutions/Goals!

I have a couple of this I would like to do this New Year:

1. Be a better Christian. I have really not been the Christian that I truly need to be over the past year or so and it has shown in many ways. I hope to glorify God in all that I do.

2. Cook more. I know that sounds really silly, but we eat out, eat simple, or eat frozen food so much. Now that I am pregnant, I really need to cook more nutritious meals for me and my family.

3. Exercise. Being pregnant, exercise is so important. I have been really lazy (in a lot more aspects than just exercise) and really want to improve on this!

4. Show those I love in life, how much I love them! My husband, mom, MIL, dad, FIL, brothers/sisters, SIL/BIL, nieces, kids, etc!! I love them all so much and just wish to show them this more and more all year!

So those are MY goals this year...what are yours?

Oh and I need to add one more goal...To give birth to a happy healthy baby this Summer!!

Praise HIM for all he does for us!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank You Very Much

The Daily Dribbles

-To the weather men/women, who taunted us with 2-4 inches of snow (and being from the south that is awesome) and then we only get 1/2 inch!! Thank You Very Much!

-To the southerners who think that 2-4 inches of snow = blizzard, and therefore packing the grocery stores and causing it to be impossible to buy anything! Thank You Very Much!

-To my pregnant body for not allowing me to sleep a normal 8 hours in a quite a few weeks and in turn causing me to be miserably tired at work. Thank You Very Much!

-To my van door who all of a sudden decided to close on me before I got out of the van all the way and slashing my leg and causing a huge bruise/bump! Thank You Very Much!

Head on over to The Daily Dribbles for more funny Thank You's!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I have finally decided on names for our baby!


Lilyann Eve Beach


Samuel Bradley Beach

Tell me what you think?