Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bella, 8 months!


Oh my how you have grown. You are 8 months old now! You have gotten so much hair in the last month! I can put a bow in it without a headband but you do not like that so I just stick with the headbands for now :)

You are wearing mostly 12 months clothes with some 18 months mixed in. You are a big girl :) I would say you probably weigh around 21 lbs but I do not know your exact weight.

Size 3 diapers still and size 2-3 shoes (even though you rarely wear shoes because you are not walking)

You are crawling all over now! You have really started to explore your surroundings. Your number one no-no is the cords! You make a b-line for the cords as soon as we enter any room. (daycare, home, grandparents)

Bella, you still love your baths! I bought you a new blow up rubber ducky bath tub and you sure think you are “big stuff'” in that thing.

We have finally had to put up the baby gate since you are mobile. You don’t seem to mess with it too much. You are a little curious with it but in general you leave it alone. (you would much rather be near the cords! ha!)

You are such a great sleeper! I never have a problem with you waking up at night. On the rare occasion, you just wake up for a paci.

You are now eating 3 meals of solids a day, 3 eight oz bottles of formula and 1 four oz bottle of juice. You are a growing girl! You love baby cookies as a snack and your favorite snack is basically any type of rolls/bread! You love to smoosh it between your fingers :) ha! It is so cute. 

With your solids, you like just about all foods except peas (still!) and you are not real fond of oatmeal/rice cereal without something mixed into it.  Your favorite is sweet potatoes :)


Bella at 8 months :)

We love you sweet baby girl! Keep growing and making us proud to be your parents!

Love always,

Mommy (&Daddy!)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My babies

These pictures were not staged...I walked in and this is exactly what I saw! So sweet. Elijah and Kirsten are such great big brother/sister to Bella and Bella ADORES them. They are seriously all the entertainment that she needs. ha :) They are loving that Bella is crawling and mobile and they can follow her around the house.

I will upload video soon of Bella crawling...too cute!

Monday, March 21, 2011


What can $8 get you these days?


McDonald’s Big Mac Meal (biggie size)


A fancy schmancy hairbow for your little girl


2 gallons of gasoline

Or $8 can save the lives of these children…


These are some of the children I blogged about before from Shine Uganda Ministries.

8 dollars buys a mosquito net to cover these children’s beds at night. So for the price of one meal at a fast food restaurant, one accessory for you/your daughter/son, or 2 gallons of gas you can SAVE A LIFE! How awesome is that?!

Look at these faces.



These little faces are reliant on funds from donations. Please donate to them at Jesus For Change. 8 dollars can change their little lives forever.

(all images courtesy of Google Images)

(all pictures courtesy of Shine Uganda Ministries)

All I am asking for is $8.

Thank you and May God Bless you in all you do!

Psalm 41:1-2
Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the LORD delivers him in times of trouble. The LORD will protect him and preserve his life; he will bless him in the land and not surrender him to the desire of his foes.

Proverbs 11:24-25
One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

These Faces

I am in love with these faces…


these faces are so very precious to me…


These are the faces of children that Love Jesus Christ (praying, above)


These are the faces of the children of Shine Uganda Ministries


These are faces of children that received their FIRST pair of shoes yesterday through donations from Jesus For Change.

uganda_girls 2

Noah and I support these children through our ministry called Jesus For Change.

We are trying to raise $8,000.00 to help put in a water pump near their orphanage. Please consider donating to these children.

(*all money donated is tax deductible and 100% goes to spreading the word of God and helping these children. Jesus For Change distributes bibles, bible tracts, monetary donations, clothing (as seen below), school supplies, etc.)

If you do not have money to donate, please consider donating used clothing, school supplies. We would be willing to pay all shipping fees to Uganda.

We donate all of our children’s used clothing…


What a contagious smile!



Violet, in the middle, helps run the orphanage with her husband, David. As you can see, these children needs so much help and support. But most of all they need to know the life changing message of our Father Jesus Christ!

In His Name!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I am just not sure I am going to keep up with my blog anymore. I have enjoyed it but no one really reads it and I started it for my parents to keep up with our daily lives but now they are on Facebook with me so I just don't quite see the point anymore. Maybe I am just in a "rut"...hmmm..I don't know. I am debating on deleting my blog. I dont really have many "followers" that read and comment often.

So if you don't see me around for a little while...I am probably still debating on keeping up with this blog or not.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Splish Splash






and she absolutely loved it! She loves her baths now and she actually threw her first "fit" when I took her out! ha :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kirsten turned 5!

This is several weeks late (ugh I am such a bad blogger) but on February 23rd, our sweet girl turned 5 years old! Hard to believe but it is true. On February 20th, we had her a Princess Birthday Party.

girls stairs

All the Princesses in attendance (from top of stairs) Jayci, Hallie, Madison, Emma, Kirsten and Olivia. (Olivia is the only one not dressed up because she was soooo shy. But by the end of the day she had definitely come out of her shell. Such a sweet girl!)

k makeup

Kirsten getting her makeup done by my mom.

I put down a big flat sheet with different makeup things on it and let all the girls get “dolled up”. They loved it!

k smile

Kirsten after she was all “dolled up”

k candle

Kirsten with her birthday cupcake. I refuse to buy a “character cake” from a store when the kids like homemade cupcakes just fine! ha. Plus it is so cost efficient!

k presents

Opening presents…sorry it is a little blurry. Noah was in charge of the camera that day! ha.

Oh and of course I can’t leave out my little man:

e smile 


e balloons

He was sooooooo good that day! He knew it was Kirsten’s day and I didn’t hear one whine or complaint from him! So proud of him!

And I have to show you this picture…I love this kid!

c and c

Me and my baby brother, Christian. As you can see, he is way bigger than me and he is only 14! (oh and I totally look preggo in this pic but I promise I am NOT!) ha.

We had a great time at Kirsten’s party and she got lots of fun stuff! :)

The next birthday in our house is Noah! He will be 29 in April.

Sure hope you all are having a great week!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

7 Months :)


You are 7 months old now! I know I say this on every post but I just can’t believe how fast time is flying. You are such a little spark plug of energy. I love being around you. Seeing your smiling face makes my day a gazillion trillion times better!

I am not sure how much you weigh exactly but I am going to guess that it is around 19 lbs!

You are still wearing size 3 diapers.

Your clothes are all 6-9 months and 9-12 months now.

You can sit unassisted perfectly, but you can’t seem to get yourself into the “sitting” position quite yet. You are close though!

You are mobile but you don’t do the “traditional” crawling yet. You get around with a mixture of scooting on your  belly, rolling and the rock ‘n lunge! ha ha. It is so cute. You are determined to get where you are going.

Recently you are started “blowing raspberries”. You sound like a motorboat and it is so cute! You do it over and over and even more if we laugh at you! :)

You love just about all of your solid foods that I feed you with one exception: peas! I can’t get you to eat them for the life of me ..ha!

Bella, you are the light of our lives and we can’t imagine life without you! You are a daddy’s girl but you are also a mommy’s girl. :) I love everything about you.

You are such a great sleeper. I put you down for the night and you sleep straight through. On the rare occasion that you wake up in the night you just want your paci and then go straight back to sleep. You have not taken a bottle at night for about 4 months! We have started to let you try a sippy cup…you are not too sure about it. You mostly want to chew on it like a teething ring! ha.

Speaking of teething rings, you still have NO teeth! but that is ok with me because I love your gummy smile!

Bella, Daddy and I love you with all of our hearts. We thank Jesus for letting us raise you in HIS name!

Keep growing and being our special baby girl, Bella!


Mommy & Daddy