Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our new family members

Introducing our newest family members:

Calico Kitty (girl)

Orange Kitty (boy)

I know these are horrible pictures because they were taken with my cell phone and if you have ever tried to photograph 5 week old kittens you would know how hard it is! ha :) They are soooo funny to watch. We have not decided on names yet. I think that the girl Calico kitty will be named "Callie". What do you think? The orange one is my mother-in-law's kitty and she hasn't named him yet. We are keeping the Calico "Callie" as our own for the girls. Elijah could care less about them most of the time. ha!

**Easter pictures coming soon!**

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  1. Awww tooo cute

    I need to ask you a question, email me at kellysavenue@live.com