Sunday, March 27, 2011

My babies

These pictures were not staged...I walked in and this is exactly what I saw! So sweet. Elijah and Kirsten are such great big brother/sister to Bella and Bella ADORES them. They are seriously all the entertainment that she needs. ha :) They are loving that Bella is crawling and mobile and they can follow her around the house.

I will upload video soon of Bella crawling...too cute!


  1. I'm sure she's crawling toward the cords, LOL. It's Robin from Soggy Bottoms Baby Duds - replying to your Blog Frog cord question. I can't be much help...I have no idea how to keep her from the cords. Zoey was EXHAUSTING with determined to get the cords no matter how we distracted her, moved her, etc! Good luck!

  2. Those pictures are precious. That's neat that they get along so well. Hopefully they'll still enjoy her when she's big enough to get into their stuff.