Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bella, 8 months!


Oh my how you have grown. You are 8 months old now! You have gotten so much hair in the last month! I can put a bow in it without a headband but you do not like that so I just stick with the headbands for now :)

You are wearing mostly 12 months clothes with some 18 months mixed in. You are a big girl :) I would say you probably weigh around 21 lbs but I do not know your exact weight.

Size 3 diapers still and size 2-3 shoes (even though you rarely wear shoes because you are not walking)

You are crawling all over now! You have really started to explore your surroundings. Your number one no-no is the cords! You make a b-line for the cords as soon as we enter any room. (daycare, home, grandparents)

Bella, you still love your baths! I bought you a new blow up rubber ducky bath tub and you sure think you are “big stuff'” in that thing.

We have finally had to put up the baby gate since you are mobile. You don’t seem to mess with it too much. You are a little curious with it but in general you leave it alone. (you would much rather be near the cords! ha!)

You are such a great sleeper! I never have a problem with you waking up at night. On the rare occasion, you just wake up for a paci.

You are now eating 3 meals of solids a day, 3 eight oz bottles of formula and 1 four oz bottle of juice. You are a growing girl! You love baby cookies as a snack and your favorite snack is basically any type of rolls/bread! You love to smoosh it between your fingers :) ha! It is so cute. 

With your solids, you like just about all foods except peas (still!) and you are not real fond of oatmeal/rice cereal without something mixed into it.  Your favorite is sweet potatoes :)


Bella at 8 months :)

We love you sweet baby girl! Keep growing and making us proud to be your parents!

Love always,

Mommy (&Daddy!)

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