Sunday, January 30, 2011

6 Months!


You are half a year old! (6 months) :) Wow have you changed so much over the last 6 months. Your daddy and I could not ask for a better baby girl!

At your 6 month checkup, you weighed 18 lbs 2 ounces. I was kind of shocked because I was almost certain that you weighed at least 20 lbs :) ha! You are a healthy girl.

Here are some of your stats:

18lbs 2 oz (85th percentile)
26 inches long (75th percentile)

You wear mostly 6-9 month clothes and 9-12 months.
Size 3 diapers

You take about four 8oz bottles of formula, 4oz of juice and eat solids 2 times a day. Dr. M told us today to get rid of one bottle and up you to 3 times a day of solids :) I am not sure how this transition will go because you are a total bottle baby. But we will see. ha.

You roll everywhere you want to go now. You can scoot on your belly in circles and backwards but have not quite figured out how to go forward yet. You are getting up on your knees and rocking back and forth like you are about to crawl. I think it should be any time now :) I can't wait for that milestone..well I can wait because I know I will be chasing you EVERYWHERE! ha.

You do not like to nap. You have got to be the nosiest baby I know. Even Ms. D, your babysitter, and the ladies in the church nursery say that about you. ha. ha. You do sleep all night though. With the occasional exception of waking up for your paci.

You do not have any teeth, but you are teething so it should not be much longer. You are trying to sit up on your own but can't seem to get the hang of it quite yet.

You are so loved by your mommy and daddy, grandparents, brother and sister and aunts and uncles! You are the happiest baby! I love that about you. I love everything about you :)

We are enjoying every single moment with you. We are looking forward to all the wonderful days that lie ahead of us.


Mommy and Daddy

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  1. oh, sweeeeeet! i miss my babies being babies! (but not bad enough to do it again- lol)
    hey, i'm a christian southern woman married to my best friend too!
    we homeschool our 3 boys-
    found you through blogfrog where you responded to the "testing for drug addicts" thread- i feel ya'
    following you via google friends- will you do the same? workin on that network- gonna check out your hubby's blog too- will send a link from my husbands fishin blog (he's a boat captain/ fishing guide)Awesome man! tks, kelli