Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bella started…

DAYCARE! and I a big fat baby..I cried! I know that is probably a normal reaction but it sucked! Dropping her off and watching her watch me leave was horrible. Usually I am leaving her at home with her daddy so she is ok with that. Noah has watched her since she was born (with the exception of my 6 week maternity leave)…so now she is in daycare!  Today is Day 2 and Ms. D (her babysitter) said she is doing better than yesterday.

On Day 1, she hardly ate and was fussy all day! So glad that Day 2 is going better. She is in an in-home daycare run by a lady in the town we live in. She only has Bella and a little boy, J, who is 2 right now. (and might I add that he is absolutely ADORABLE!)

I hope that she continues to adjust and really enjoys going everyday. I know she is only 5 months old and she will adjust.

So big change for our family but definitely worth it because now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel with Noah’s school. He is in clinical rotations for his surgery tech position now and will graduate in April of this year! yay!

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