Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy Bees…

We have been little busy bees these past couple weeks and will continue to be busy for a little while longer.  This weekend we played soccer, swam, shopped for white patent leather shoes for Kirsten for the wedding (what a nightmare, no one seems to carry them), and lots more!  We are gearing up for a trip home (my home in AR) this weekend.  I am really excited because I have not been home since my birthday (May 1st) so it is LONG over due!  Saturday we will be going to my daddy’s house to swim and hang out with the family.  Sunday we will be going to church and going shopping with Grammy (my mom). 

Then the next weekend (22nd) is my bridal shower.  I am really excited about it.  My maid of honor, Sam, and my bridesmaid, Lesley are throwing it for me at my (future) mother-in-law’s house (which happens to be my house too).  There is going to be lots of good food cooked by Noah’s Mawmaw.  Exciting!

Speaking about the wedding, 2 months from today and I will be getting married!!  Wow I can not believe it has gone by so quickly.  I started planning my wedding in December of last year and now it is so close! yay!

Then the next weekend after that (the 30th) is Leroy’s (Noah’s dad) birthday!  It also happens to be the day we have our pre-marital counseling session with the minister that is marrying us. 

Tuesday the 1st of September is our (Mine and Noah’s) 1 year “dating anniversary”.  Not sure of the plans for it yet, but I am sure we will do something fun.

Then we have a few weeks to relax until October gets here..then the WEDDING MADNESS will really kick in!!  I really can’t wait (guess I will have to though).

That is it for now…I am sure lots more will be added to the agenda though!

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