Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weekend in AR!!

I know I am a little late on this one but life has been so busy with school and work lately and I haven’t found the time to blog.  So after finishing my school work tonight I decided to MAKE some time! This past weekend we took a trip home to AR where my family lives.  I love visiting home and seeing my family.  I live about 3 hours from my family so visiting home means a lot to me.  We drove down on Saturday and went straight to my parent’s pool. My sis in law, niece, brother, step-mom, daddy, cousin, me, Kirsten, Elijah and Noah all jumped into the pool for some much needed family time.  Here are some pictures from our swim time.





My daddy with Kirsten.


My dad with Stevie (on the left) Elijah (on his back) Kirsten (on his right) and Jayci (in front of him).  He really enjoyed having all his grandkids (& Stevie his nephew) with him.  He is such a big kid himself! (Love ya daddy!!)


Man I look really white in this I am white but not THAT white! lol.

Stevie and Elijah are the same age and they really had fun playing together.  Proof below:


Spiderman (aka Stevie) and Batman (aka Elijah).  They were so funny to watch in these outfits.  Just adorable though!

Saturday night my dad, little brother and I took Elijah and Noah to I-30 Speedway in Little Rock.  I went there a lot growing up and really enjoyed taking Noah and Elijah to see that part of my childhood. 


My daddy and little brother, Christian.


Yep I am a daddy’s girl!! Me and my daddy!!


Elijah watching the races intently.


My daddy trying to “eat” Elijah’s ice cream.  Elijah wasn’t having it!!


We had a really great time in AR!  Thanks Dad and Dana for having us over! We enjoyed our visit!

On the drive home I looked back and saw this.


Of course I had to take a picture! They are so sweet!

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  1. How cute!! Looks like you all had a great time.

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