Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feeling Butterflies

Yep..feeling butterflies.  That is what I feel every time I see Noah.  Every time he walks into the room.  He is my love and life without him, well I just hope that is something I never have to experience.  He tells me I am beautiful even when I have on no makeup, just woke up with bed head, and haven’t brushed my teeth yet.  He is my best friend!

But he is not the only man in my life (gasp), there is another man that loves me unconditionally too.  That man is named Jesus Christ!  The lyrics from this song describes what he is to me:

He is Lord of Lords

He is King of Kings

He is the Mighty God

Lord of Everything

He is Emmanuel

He is the Great I AM

He is my Prince of Peace

who is the lamb

He is the living God

He is the Saving Grace

He will reign Forever

He’s the Ancient of Days

He is the Alpha Omega

Beginning and End

He’s my savior, Messiah

Redeemer and Friend

He’s my Prince of Peace, and I will live my life for HIM!!


Another thing I love about Noah so much is that he is OK with this other man in my life! He loves him just as much as I do. And we are teaching our children to love HIM too! Thank you Jesus for all you do in our lives everyday!

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