Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Ok I know this is late (slap me on the wrist) but better late than never right?!

On Memorial Day weekend we took our last trip to AR before Baby Isabella is born.  We had a great time and just could not have asked for a more laid back trip.  Only Elijah went with us, so it was a little easier with only one kiddo. 

Here are some pictures from the weekend :)

On Saturday, we drove down to AR and got there around lunch.  We ate lunch and headed straight for my dad’s pool.  It felt pretty nice too!






On Sunday, we went to church and also to a family reunion on my daddy’s side of the family.  It was in an older building and the smells were making me extremely ill.  So my sister in law decided to go take my maternity pictures…we had already planned to do that but after the reunion. 

On Monday, we went fishing with my daddy, my baby teenage little brother, Christian (he is still a baby to me!), Noah, Elijah and Christian’s friend Wilson.  The boys had so much fun! I loved watching them fish together.  I did not fish (not my thing!)







It was super hot and we spent about 4 hours fishing.  I loved spending that time with all my boys ;) Some of my favorite people in this world!! Love them all sooooo much!

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  1. Sure sounds like a lot of fun!

    Thanks for you sweet comment, Friend! :-)