Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Minute

Today I am going to link up with Kmama over at The Daily Dribbles since she is hosting this week's Monday Minute :)

So here it is:

1 - What's the specs of the first computer you owned?

We owned a Dell desktop computer when I was in school (no clue on the specs though) but the first computer that I have ever owned myself is the current computer I use! ha! It is an Acer laptop (still not sure of the actual specs though!)

2 - Are you on Twitter/Facebook/etc? If so link it/them up.

Yes, I am on Twitter (@CoriBeach) and on Facebook (can we say 'addicted'?) here.

3 - Who's more to blame for the oil mess in the gulf - BP or the Gov't and why?

I think they are both at fault. Neither are responding fast enough to get things done and I feel like both are dragging their feet in this whole process.

4 - What's your favorite Dr. Suess book?

Horton hears a Who. Definitely :)

And finally...

5 - What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a teacher. I am currently a paralegal but I am in school for my Bachelor's in Elementary Education. I will graduate in 2014, since it is a 5 year program. I always knew that I wanted to teach. I think my favorite grade will be 2nd! :)

So head on over to The Daily Dribbles and link up too!


  1. Was looking at yor Monday Minute and noticed we share the same name and spelling!! I'm a Cori Michelle, pretty close though!!

  2. Thanks for linking up!

    Good luck with the teaching program. I didn't realize that's what you're going to school for.

    No one knows the specs of their computer. I told Ian that! LOL

    Love the new design...and that pic of you and Noah on the sidebar. So sweet!!

  3. What the heck is a Monday Minute..just kidding I love you!