Tuesday, December 8, 2009

True Story Tuesday-The BIG News!

On Sunday, November 29th, I woke up not feeling too swell, but I got up got dressed as usual and got the kids and husband ready for church. While at church I really started to feel bad, I could barely breath due to my sinuses being so blocked and I had a hacking cough. I went home and started dosing myself up with some sinus meds and cough syrup.

Monday, I went to work and had a really bad day, sinuses, headaches, cough, and my ear started to really hurt me! I lasted all day even though I had every intention of leaving at lunch time.

Tuesday I woke up and could barely talk and my throat was killing me. So I called in sick to work and made an appointment with the doctor..my appointment wasn't until 1 p.m. so I slept right up until then.

I then went to my doctor's appointment, waited an hour before being called back (imagine that!) and finally got to see the doctor. I told him how I was feeling and he checked me out. He told me I had a sinus infection, ear infection, bronchitis and upper respiratory infection (FUN!) I then asked him for a sinus cocktail shot (because my MIL recommended it strongly) Dr. C said ok but he would have to do a pregnancy test first. So I gave them my specimen and returned to my room.

A nurse then came in our room and said..."Do you want to be pregnant?" I said to her "It does not matter, we were not trying so if it is negative I am ok with that". She just had a smirk on her face and said "ok." and walked out! I was then looking at my husband and saying to him "What the heck was that?" He was laughing too.

The doctor then came back in my room...holding a balloon and a pregnancy test. IT WAS POSITIVE!!! I was shocked...I asked him probably 50 times if he was kidding to which he replied "I do not kid about things like this."

I then started crying, felt like I was going to pass out. My doctor tore up my previous prescriptions for some really good cough syrup and antibiotics and wrote me a prescription for prenatal vitamins and a mild antibiotic.

So there I was in the doctor's office feeling like absolute crap and he tells me I am pregnant!

So that is the story of how we found out about our little bundle of joy. I am 6 weeks today. Sonogram pictures to come soon!

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  1. YAY!!!! Congrats!!

  2. Oh my gosh- congrats! Exciting news! I hope you're feeling better soon though- rough diagnosis you got.

  3. OhMyGosh!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! :)!!
    Boo for the sickies..I have it all too!

  4. Are you kidding me?!?! You linked up this amazing news to a True Story Tuesday?!?! I am totally awed and totally excited for you!

    And praying that you feel much much better soon!

    Still tickled pink! (or blue, whichever it is :)

  5. Congrats Cori!! I'm so happy for you!