Monday, December 7, 2009

Wedding Reception!

If you have read my previous posts..I posted my bridal pictures..then my wedding pictures..and now some reception pictures!

We had a small simple reception.  It was so sweet.  I loved every minute of it! Here is the proof:

reception 1

Being announced as Mr. & Mrs. Beach!

reception 2

Our Cake!

reception 3

Me with my co-workers (Jessica, Shannon, Me, Amanda, and Sheryl)

reception 4

Me with my niece, Jayci.

reception 5

Me with my babies

reception 6

Dancing with the kiddos.

reception 10

Baby Brother, Christian and I.

reception 7

Our First Dance!

reception 8

Daddy/Daughter Dance

reception 9

Big Brother, Jay and I.

reception 11

Me and my lovely mother in law.

reception 12

Noah and his mommy.

reception 13

Cutting the cake.

reception 14

Throwing the Bouquet

reception 15

Splitting the bouquet between two 3 year old little girls. ha ha.

reception 16

Guest Book.

reception 17

Our rings.

reception 18

Really tired after an extremely long day!

That is our reception!! We had a blast!


  1. Beautiful, just like the rest of your wedding was!

  2. Love your blog! Gorgeous wedding pics!