Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update on the Baby Front.

Ok so this will be short and sweet. I have told our families about the baby now..everyone is very excited for us!

We also told our other two babies. That was funny...Here are their responses:

Elijah: "Really? I don't want to share a room with him!" You see he said him assuming it is a boy! ha ha.

Kirsten: "Oh I can play with her in my stroller and take care of her!" ha ha you see the pattern...her.

Elijah is stuck on the baby being a boy and Kirsten wants a girl. ha ha. They are so super funny! They look at my belly and Elijah announces.."it is already getting bigger!" Ummm NO it is not..I just have a pudge..I had that before I was pregnant! ha ha.

Kids..they are funny.

My first OB/GYN appointment is next Thursday the 17th at 3 p.m. I can't wait!!! I am super nervous but excited!!

Well that is all for now!

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  1. That is too cute.
    When talking about children both Hubby and I refer to them as "he" even though I'd love to have a girl sometimes. But honestly, I'll take whatever the Lord wants me to have