Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank You Very Much

The Daily Dribbles

-To the weather men/women, who taunted us with 2-4 inches of snow (and being from the south that is awesome) and then we only get 1/2 inch!! Thank You Very Much!

-To the southerners who think that 2-4 inches of snow = blizzard, and therefore packing the grocery stores and causing it to be impossible to buy anything! Thank You Very Much!

-To my pregnant body for not allowing me to sleep a normal 8 hours in a quite a few weeks and in turn causing me to be miserably tired at work. Thank You Very Much!

-To my van door who all of a sudden decided to close on me before I got out of the van all the way and slashing my leg and causing a huge bruise/bump! Thank You Very Much!

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  1. Ouch! Sounds like a mean van!

    And I'm SOOO ready for some real snow!

  2. Thanks for linking up!

    We are FINALLY getting some snow in MI. WOO HOO!!

    How far along are you now? I don't miss those sleepless nights. Hang in there!