Monday, January 25, 2010

"When Life Hands You Lemonade" Award

I recieved another award from one of my favorite bloggers..Kmama over at The Daily Dribbles gave me the "When Life Hands You Lemonade" least that is what she thinks it is called. ha ha! I LOVE getting awards! Thanks, Kmama!


So the rules are:

1. Thank the giver of the award and link to their blog.
2. List 5 things about yourself.
3. Link 5 new recipients and notify them.

Number 1-See Above..Check!

Number 2- List 5 things about yourself:

1. I have a "ghetto booty" as most people call it. I have a much larger "booty" than most 5'3" 125 lbs women. I have known just about my whole life because at an early age guys starting pointing it out (stupid boys!)

2. I have been through a lot of heartache and hassle with my mom. She has been to jail (too many times to count) and prison once. (She has been out and clean from drugs for 3 years today! Praise HIM!)

3. I have been married before. I got married in September 2007 and divorced in the summer of '08. We seperated in December '07 though. We had been together for 4 years and he could never be faithful. Marrying him was an awful decision but it is what brought me to where I am today.

4. I used to tell people my birthday was on a holiday (May 1st..May Day) It is a holiday..a mexican holiday! ha ha.

5. I am lazy. Seriously, lazy! It is pathetic (I am not a slob, but lazy, there is a difference)

Number 3- List 5 new recipients and notify them.

Kristen at The Bradley's

Danielle at Letting Go and Letting God

Nati at I Will Praise HIM

Linsey at Hanging with the Hudson's

Kristi at Loving 2 Miracles

Thanks again, Kmama!!


  1. Thank you so much Cori!

    And those were some very interesting new things I learned about you today. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is my first visit to your blog and enjoyed looking around. Sounds like you have a lot going on in your life. Hope your pregnancy continues to go well. I saw your blog listed over at Nati's. Blessings on this new chapter of your life.