Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One of THOSE Days...

Yesterday I had one of THOSE days...you know the one I am talking about.

The one where you wake up cheerful and in such good spirits because your father in law tells you there is about 4 inches of snow on the ground (IN THE SOUTH!). Then you call your boss to see about work and she tells you...We are going to wait until noon..call me at noon and we will see how the roads look and then decide on whether to go to work or not. SWEET! I get at least half the day off to play in the snow with the hubby.

Then you get a call from a co-worker saying the manager has said we aren't working all today and just come in tomorrow. SWEET, again! A whole day to spend cuddled up on the couch with the hubby and just relax.

Then at 8:45 a.m. just after you got done with breakfast and are snuggling on the couch you get a call from your manager saying that the roads were clearing (not!) and that everyone should come to work now. Are you kidding me?!?

So you get up (after waiting 15 minutes for your show to end) get dressed and ready for work. Drive to work (slipping and sliding the whole way) and start working. You realize you forgot your lunch so you have to walk to the mall (which is directly behind our building) and get some lunch. You and your co-workers suddenly realize as soon as you walk out the door that it is sleeting/raining. You decide to suck it up and walk anyways..you are pretty hungry at this point.

After lunch, your co-worker tells you that your manager walked by your office and saw you with your head down and said you looked like you had nothing to do. When in fact you had just laid your head down after typing a 21 page set of interrogatories and your eyes were starting to cross and your head hurt. But instead of asking YOU what was wrong...she talks about you behind your back and asks another co-worker if she needed you to help her with anything since you were "obviously" not busy! (THE NERVE!)

Your manager finally lets you all leave early at 3:30 due to the weather getting nasty again (imagine that!) and so you get your stuff together and head out to leave. You get 1 mile down the road and your car stops. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

You have no power steering and your battery light is on. The car is starting to spit and sputter...you manage to get your car to a parking lot which you happened to be right next to (THANK JESUS!) and turn it off. You call hubby, who tells you to turn the car off (duh...already done) and that he is on his way. Well it is snowing/sleeting outside so your car gets super cold super fast. Burger King is across the street so you walk over there to keep warm.

You might as well have some fries and a drink while you wait the 40 minutes for hubby to get there, right?! While waiting you just watched the cars slip and slide past on the road.

Hubby finally arrives and takes you back to your car and determines it is some belt that is broken/fallen off. He can't fix it in all this snow/rain/wind...so you leave your car there overnight..something you are not happy about because it is not a great area. Oh well, it is cheaper than a tow truck.

You head home with hubby..get half way there..and realize that you left your garage door opener in your broken down car. Hubby turns around and goes back to get the garage door opener because neither of you want to leave it there overnight. On the way back to get it, there is a stalled vehicle on the interstate that you nearly smash into because they do not have their flashers on!! (IDIOTS!)

You finally get back on the road home, make it home, eat some soup and go to bed. You are too worn out and too tired to do much of anything else!

Have you ever had one THOSE days?!? Well I did..Yesterday. It was awful!


  1. UGh! Sounds terrible! Sorry you had a rough day!

  2. Your first mistake was answering the phone at 8:45 am. Yes, I've had days like you described. Just glad they don't happen too often. Snow is beautiful and fun, but cold and messy. Hope tomorrow is a better day.