Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thank You Very Much!


Today I am linking up with Kmama over at The Daily Dribbles for another round of Thank You Very Much!  Head on over there for more funny Thank You’s!

-To the driver on the busiest interstate in Memphis who decided that going 25 mph, while you and 3 of your buddies stick your arms out the windows to hold onto the mattress you have on top of your vehicle that is obviously not strapped down (hence you are holding it down) and all during rush hour morning commute, causing all the unknowing people behind you to slam on their breaks while going 75-80 and swerve into other lanes to avoid hitting your ignorant self! Thank you VERY much!

-To my clients (yes I address these to them a lot) who think that putting the phone in direct contact with your mouth while leaving me a voice message is a good idea..therefore causing me to delete your message because I can not hear you which in turn makes you call me later that day asking why no one has called you back! Thank you VERY much!

-To the co-workers who think that they can eat/use everybody’s stuff in the kitchen without asking but then yelling and pitching a fit when ONE of your diet cokes is “missing”! Thank you VERY much!

-To this incessant sinus infection I have, that causes me to have the driest nose and therefore making it bleed at random intervals.  Thank you VERY much!

Want to join in on the Free Therapy?  Head on over to Kmama’s for some fun :)

1 comment:

  1. I am SOOOO sorry that I haven't been over here sooner!!

    First of all, cute, cute blog design!!

    Are you kidding me with that mattress story? Who would do something like that??

    I'm sorry about the sinus infection. I was constantly sick when I was pregnant with both boys. Tylenol cold and sudafed were my friend.