Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meet Buttercup!

kitty 1

kitty 2

kitty 3

kitty 4

Can you tell who likes to hold Buttercup??!!??

Buttercup came to us as a stray…we decided she was so pretty and loveable that we would try to keep her.  Well this cat is the most loveable, easy going cat you will ever meet!  She lets Kirsten carry her around everywhere (as you can see from above picture).  We thought she was just a few months old because she is really small but it turns out she is almost 2 years old! We had her groomed and set up an appointment to have her fixed.  She is our newest pet.  We have another cat named “Baby” but she is really old and doesn’t like the kids at all! ha ha.  So this is a new thing for them.  Kirsten is the one that is mostly in LOVE with Buttercup but Elijah likes to play with her too.  They mostly like to fight over who is going to play with her! ha ha.

I am sure we will have many more years of loving to do with Buttercup!!

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