Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sugar and Spice…

And everything nice…that is what little GIRLS are made of!!

I'm A Girl!

Yep, we are having a precious baby girl!! Her name will be Isabella Grace.  She will be called Bella by most.  We had originally picked out the name Lilyann but I had so many friends naming their daughters Lily or some variation of it that I had to change it.  So we ended up with Isabella ‘Bella’ Grace Beach!  She is so perfect.  I was so excited in the ultrasound room today.  My mom was on speaker phone (she cried), my husband and mother in law were with me in the room.  We were all so happy to hear how perfect our little Bella is.  Here are some more pictures for you to indulge in:


4D picture of her with her arms above her head.  Funny thing is that I sleep this way!!

4D 2

Another 4D shot.

4D legs

Her sweet little legs in 4D.




Bella crossing her legs.  Already a little lady.


And her little profile!! Isn’t she beautiful!?!

Her daddy and I can not wait to meet her!

Stat update:

-Gained 6 lbs total.

-Bella weighs 9 ounces and is 11 inches long.

-Heartbeat was 152.


Perfect :) I could not be more excited!!! Our family is overjoyed at the addition of a new grand-daughter and great-grand daughter!!


  1. SOOOO AWESOME!!!! Made me smile.. Is crazy how just the other day you announced to us at th BF you were preggo - now you know what your having and soon you will be having Precious Isabella in your arms :)

    So happy for you..God Bless your growing family

  2. Congrats, love the name!!!
    Girls are going rule that house =)

  3. I totally love the name Isabella and hope I'll someday have a daughter with that name.

    Congrats again!

  4. Excellent news!! She's adorable and what a great profile shot!!

    Jdaddy wanted to name Buster "Isabelle" if he was a girl. ;-)

  5. Aww YAY that does look just like mine!! It's just been hard to believe (with all the boy talk going on LOL) Congrats.

    I was thinking about Naming our first DD Isabella, and calling her Bella, Unfortunatly one of the main characters in the Twilight series is name Bella, and my DF thought I was trying to name our child after her LOL I think we are going to go with Sophia instead xD YAY for both of us!!