Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bella’s Crib & Half Way!!

We bought Bella’s crib and changing table today.  We had originally picked out a crib that was much more expensive…and then I found this one on Craigslist (are there any other Craigslist junkies out there?) that is in perfect condition and solid wood (not something you really see these days!)

I absolutely love the set.


changing table

We still have not decided what color her bedding will be.  So the pink stuff in these pictures is not our bedding…it is the bedding that the woman who sold it to us had.  I am pretty anti-pink…pretty bad when you are having a baby girl these days huh? 

Speaking of pink…do these people who make baby clothes not realize that little girls like other colors besides PINK?!  OH my…I have been overwhelmed at how much pink there is in a baby boutique!! I guess I need to get over my dislike for the color…huh? 

On another note…I am now 20 weeks pregnant!! HALF WAY!!! I remember when I posted THIS about finding out I was pregnant and announcing it to the “bloggy world” :) 

Here is me…at 20 weeks pregnant:

20 weeks

And a front view (being silly)

20 weeks 2

I am really getting big now! Things are starting to become uncomfortable (i.e. shaving legs, painting toes, putting on socks) but not too bad yet. 

I will post Bella’s nursery bedding when we decide on it :)

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  1. I am a huge fan of Craigslist! I have sold stuff and bought stuff off our Craigslist all the time, Actually LOL prior to finding out we were pregnant again, I sold all of my old rainforest baby stuff

  2. I love the little bump! BTW, her room looks great!