Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

I saw my doctor again today for my routine ob visit. All was well (mostly)...Bella's heartrate was normal 148, my blood pressure was great, I have gained 13 lbs and everything looks good.

He changed me to every 3 week appointments instead of 4 because he thinks my hips are not spreading like they should be and he is afraid I may be too little to give natural birth. He wants to keep a close eye on it because if they do not spread he will want to do a c-section by 36 weeks. I really really don't want this to happen but I am trusting in HIM and I know that what HE decides will be fine. My doctor said to not worry that they still have plenty of time to spread and I could still have a vaginal birth. So that is what I am doing...leaving it to HIM.

At my next appointment I have to do my glucose diabetes test. I am not looking forward to it but it is kind of exciting that I am already to that point in my pregnancy! I can't believe that in 17 short weeks (or sooner) I will be meeting my precious daughter!!

The nurse had a hard time finding Isabella's heartbeat at first because she was moving around so much! ha ha. She is already an active little girl!

I can't wait to meet this precious (active) angel inside of me :)

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  1. How exciting to be more than halfway done with the wait!

    Praying that your body does exactly what it should do and you get to meet your happy and healthy little girl right on time!