Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dr Appointment & Glucose Test

I had my glucose tolerance test done this morning at my doctor's results yet until tomorrow. I will update when I know the results but I am pretty sure they will be fine as I have no family history of diabetes and/or gestational diabetes.

He talked to me again about vaginal birth vs. c-section. He is basically giving me the choice. If I choose vaginal birth, he will induce me between 36-38 weeks depending on how big Isabella is at that point. If I choose to go into labor naturally, I could end up having an emergency c-section because he thinks my body will not be able to handle a full term baby birth. I am not completely sure what all that means but he doesn't want any organs/bones messed up while I give birth. I want a vaginal birth so I will let him induce me when he thinks the time is right. He has been a doctor for a long time and he is also the Chief of Staff at the hospital I am delivering at. I have full confidence in him.

My blood pressure has been consistently low since being pregnant. Today it was 99/62. He is concerned this may cause problems so he gave me some restrictions to follow: eat a snack every 2 hours and once during the night, do not remain on my feet either standing or walking for longer than 30 minutes without resting. My blood pressure is not high enough to circulate the blood back to my heart and other organs and this can cause not enough blood to get to Isabella, which of course would not be good.

So a lot of news this morning...not all that I wanted to hear but nothing too major. Her heartbeat was great, 152! She is such a squirmer..the nurse has to follow her around my belly to get a good reading. ha ha!

I can't wait to meet my baby girl!!

On a different note: Saturday is my birthday (I will be 24) and it is also my first baby shower thrown by my family in AR. :) I can not wait. Some of my friends from high school (who I have not seen in years, but keep up with through Facebook) will be there and I am definitely excited!

I will post the results of my glucose test tomorrow...along with some updated belly pics :)

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