Friday, April 23, 2010

Where I come from..

In light of my birthday next weekend (May 1st) I thought I would formally show you where I came from:


From this man:


My dad works for OSHA and is the greatest dad a girl could ask for.  I am a daddy’s girl (sorry mom).  He is retired from 25+ years in the National Guard as a CW4.  I love this man more than words can say.  He has been my rock through so much of my life and without him I would not be the woman I am today.  He taught me to love Christ and to show that love in all that I do.  I have tried to live by his teachings (I have fallen off that path a few times) my whole life.  Thanks Dad, for giving me life!

And this woman:


My mom is my best friend.  I do not go a day without talking to her (usually 4-5 times).  We have had our “battles” but what mother/daughter don’t! :) She works hard for a furniture company based in AR.  People say I look just like her (but I don’t see it), my husband says I have her mannerisms.  She has been through a lot in life but is now an amazing Christian woman.  I am so proud to call her my mommy! Thanks Mom, for giving me life!


My step-mom didn’t technically give me life but she was a large part of my life growing up.  My dad and step mom have been married since I was pretty young (I want to say 5-ish?)

Dana-My step mom:

(I don’t have a picture of just this one of my wedding with my Dad, Dana, me and Noah will have to do)

dana wedding

And while I am at it…I will introduce you to my brothers and sister:

Jay, is the oldest of all of us.  He is my only “true” biological sibling.  He is married to my sister in law Kristen and they have my first (and only so far) niece, Jayci Leigh.  Jay is a hard worker and a great Christian man. I am proud to call him my brother!

jay and kristen

Jay and his wife, Kristen (Sorry Kristen I stole this picture from your Facebook)


Jayci (I stole this one too..sorry)

Ashley, is my “step” sister but we do not really classify each other as that.  She is my only sister. She is married to Dustin, her high school sweetheart.  They don’t have any kids yet, except their 2 puppies.  Ashley is also a great Christian and I love having her as my sister.

ash & dustin

I would be next in line in chronological order :)

Christian is my *almost* 14 year old baby brother.  He is not so much a baby anymore and that makes me sad.  He has turned into such a wonderful young man and I LOVE spending time with him.  I wish I could do it more, but living so far away it isn’t very possible.  My kids love him to death! And he is (I have to admit) the cutest 14 year old I know!

Dad and Christian

Dad and Christian on top of Pinnacle Mountain in AR.  I love that place!

Here are all of us at my wedding last October:

us kids

I could not ask for better parents or siblings!! I am truly blessed!

Thanks to all of you for making my life whole :)


  1. Thank you for introducing your family! I really enjoyed reading more about them and I felt the love you have for them through your words!

  2. What a fun post!! And happy birthday (a few days early!).