Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Easter

We had a pretty “normal” Easter this year.  We went to early morning church service, the kids sat in “big church” with us.  Kirsten really enjoyed the singing and praying.  She would stand up, sing and clap her hands during the songs and bow her little head and fold her heads when we prayed…it was heartwarming.

After a great church service, we headed home and took some family pictures of us all dressed up.

Elijah Easter

Kirsten Easter

Noah & Cori Easter

Family Easter

Our Sweet Lil Family. 

I have lots of pictures of the kids hunting eggs and eating their candy but I don’t have them all uploaded yet so I will do another post tonight (or when I get to upload the pictures) of those. 

Our Easter was great and I could not imagine life without knowing that HE IS RISEN!!

Hope yours was great!!