Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little scare.

After having several (about 4-5) braxton hicks contractions in an hour plus having some "leaking fluid" (I know that is gross, but part of pregnancy) I called my doctor yesterday (07/12) afternoon and he told me I should go to the hospital to get checked just to make sure my water wasn't breaking or leaking.

A co-worker of mine drove me to the hospital, she was too worried to let me drive myself. ha! I got checked in and they did some tests on me. It turned out to be nothing. My contractions had almost stopped by then and my water had not broken or leaked. So it turned out fine but did scare me at first. I am not ready for her to come yet :) Lol. Well I am, but I am not! Does that make any sense?!

They monitored her heartrate and I loved hearing that "thump thump thump" on the monitor...it was awesome. I could have sat there all night and listened to that sweet sound!

I go back for my regular visit on Thursday to my OB. I can't wait to meet my precious baby girl! I also can't believe that in less than 3 weeks I will be! *unless she comes earlier on her own!*

*P.S. I have been an awful blogger lately. I have two posts that need to go up and I promise (well sort of) to get them up this week :)

Hope you are all having a great week!

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  1. I think at this stage in your pregnancy you are allowed to be a "horrible" blogger. Heehee.

    Hope all goes well with the baby. Can't wait to see pics!