Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No baby yet & Random pictures

Yep, no baby yet. We are still patiently waiting for Miss Isabella to make her arrival. I have been having consistent contractions for almost 2 weeks now and my body is exhausted. I have only been working part time during the day but today was my last day to work until after my maternity leave is over. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. so maybe I will be dilated enough to go to the hospital. I have had 3 episodes of "false labor" now. I only went to the hospital for one and the other two I have waited out and they went away (obviously, ha!) I will be induced on Monday August 2nd at 5 a.m., if she does not make her appearance on her own before then. That is only 5 days away!! I can't believe it. I will update tomorrow (if I am able to) and hopefully we will have a clearer view of what is going to happen over the next few days. Please pray things go well and that our baby girl is healthy and happy!

On July 6th, our little man, Elijah turned 6 years old. We didn't do a big birthday party for him because he went on a vacation with my in-laws to Silver Dollar City. He had a great time. But here are some pictures from the little present opening we did.

Also, a few weekends ago, when Elijah was on his vacation with MeMe and Pawpaw, we took Kirsten to the zoo. We met a high school friend of Noah's there, who has 2 girls right around Kirsten's age, and they had a blast.

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