Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looks Like..

Monday is the day! I went to the doctor this morning and I am still at 4cm and not made any progress since last week. So I will be induced on Monday August 2nd at 5 a.m. I am so excited and just can't believe that this time next week I will be holding my baby girl and taking (and posting) lots of pictures!!!

Her heartbeat was strong at 144 beats and my blood pressure was perfect. My doctor says that we should have a baby by 1pm on Monday because after my water is broke it should go fast. He said that the first 5cm are the hardest and that I already have 4cm out of the way so it should go a little faster for me :) That was nice to hear!

So stay tuned for some good news on Monday :)


  1. How exciting!!!! Hope all goes well and as planned!

  2. Good luck!! :) I was induced at 1cm and it to for.eve.r. Those extra cm's will definitely help you along-- plus you have a few more days too!