Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bella 10 months old

Wow 10 months already? Seriously? I just can't imagine life without you my sweet darling Bella.


You are the joy in my life. I long to get home everyday to see your sweet smiling face. When I come home I usually walk into the room and say "Baby!" and you turn to face me with the biggest smile on your face and then crawl over to me super fast while giggling. Melts.My.Heart!

You are saying "mama" "dada" "baba" "dydy (bye bye)" and sometimes "papa". Plus a lot of other stuff that we can't make out but I am sure you "think" you are saying something really important. You have started to mock people around you. It is soooo stinkin' funny! You will babble to us and then start giggling at yourself like you said something so very funny. Cutest thing ever!

You are starting to eat table food really well. You LOVE bread of any kind. Cheerios, puffs, lima beans, peas, green beans, bananas (occasionally) are some of the things you like. Of course you also LOVE french fries and tator tots. (Yes, I occasionally give my baby french fries and food that is bad for her) :) You are great at self-feeding.

You are such a chunk. You weigh about 23 lbs now. You are wearing only 12-18 month clothes. Size 4 diapers. Size 3/4 shoes.

You are still a total bottle baby but you are adjusting to your sippy cup really well.

No walking yet but you can stand unassisted for about 10 seconds or unti you realize you aren't holding on to anything. You do walk while holding on to things like mommy/daddys hands, the couch, the chair or your push walker. You are a super speedy crawler. Into everything. You think that everything anybody has is yours to put in your mouth :) I would not trade you for the world!

Bella please keep growing and being the wonderful daughter that you are. My life is incomplete without you. I love you so much baby girl.

-Mommy & Daddy

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