Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter Part 1

Yep, I am that far behind in my blogging that I am just blogging about Easter! ahhh! Here are pictures of the kiddos (oldest to youngest) opening their Easter baskets on Easter morning. I will do a post with their Easter best on after this one (hence the Part 1 in the title) :)

Enjoy :)

Sweet Elijah:

Water gun!

3D coloring book!

coloring book again..plus candy in the basket.

Silly Kirsten:

With her bunny, basket and treats.

With her coloring book :)

Opening her "little purse" (it is actually a lipstick holder in the shape of a purse that I thought was too cute) :)

Baby Bella:

Bella in her "My First Easter" bib!

Checkin' out the goods.

Elijah helping her open her gifts...she got Beauty and the Beast (my personal fave!)

We had a great Easter just spending time with the kiddos and loving on them. :)

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