Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quirks and Odd Things About Me

I have them. Quirks that is.

I would much rather drink water out of a paper cup than a water bottle.

I can not stand to have one eye open and the other makes my eyes feel "off balance".

I do not drive in the center lane of any highway, freeway or road because it scares me.

I am scared of the dark. I will literally run for my life if I have to go to my car when it is dark outside. Sad, I know.

Letters that are folded more than two times in an envelope drive me crazy.

Envelopes that are taped shut make me cringe.

If I am waiting for something through email, I will literally check my email every 10 minutes until I get it. Pathetic right?

Out of place eyebrows bother me.

I do not drink regular white milk...has to have some sort of flavoring in it. For some reason, plain white milk smells spoiled to me (even though it isnt!)

Ok so now you know something(s) odd about me :)

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