Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Weekend..In Words.

Our weekend was nothing special. Friday night we went to dinner for Noah's grandma (Mawmaw)'s 70th Birthday. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, The Caboose. It is a small family owned restaurant here in town. The food was yummy and Mawmaw really enjoyed all her gifts. It was just big affair really. But it was fun.

Saturday morning we laid around the house until about noon. Then we took the kids to eat lunch at Perkins. I ate my entire plate (so unlike me) and was miserable after that. ha! We then went to the park, where the kids ran and played in the sand and got really dirty. Oh well..that is what kids do right?

After the park, was a quick trip to Target for some basics. Don't you just love Target? I know I do!!

After Target...HOME!! I was super tired and worn out by this point and just wanted to nap. And nap I did! Noah played outside with Elijah while Kirsten and I napped. It was a nice break to be in the house...and it was quiet!!

Saturday night, I finally got to watch The Blind Side. I loved it!! Very inspirational. We spent the rest of the evening lounging around and eating pizza. (yummmmmy)

Sunday was church as usual, it was cold and rainy all day. We stayed in and I was in bed most of the day with a headache. I did come out however for some chili (one of my favs). The kids played and I rested.

So that was our weekend.

Elijah is on spring break this week so Noah is keeping him. He took the kids today to the children's musuem in town. Dora and Diego are supposed to be there! Lol.

Hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hi :)

Just dropping in to say HI! :) I know I have been so awful at posting lately.  My life is pretty chaotic! ha. 

So I am now up to an 8 lb weight gain.  I will be 21 weeks on Saturday.  Bella moves (more like dances, does gymnastics, etc) constantly now! I absolutely LOVE all the movements!  They are sooo precious and I could lay on our couch with my hand on my belly and just feel her for hours!! (and I do sometimes)

Also, I have found (and registered for) Bella’s nursery set! You can see it by clicking right here. That should take you straight to my registry and you can see it for yourself :)  It is sooo beautiful. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am not a fan of the color pink…so this lilac and sage set was love at first sight!  Literally! Purple is my favorite color so I was thrilled to find this set!


My husband started night school for his surgical tech program last night.  It was not too bad on me but I know I will really start to miss him!   I only see him when he gets home at about 10:30 p.m. and I am already in bed and in the mornings before I leave at 7:30 a.m. to go to work.  It isn’t much fun but it is soooo worth it in the end! I know when Bella gets here that she will take up all my time so I won’t be too bored. ha ha. 

Nothing else really fun or important going on around here just work, gestating the baby, school, and life in general! 

I hope to update with some fun stuff soon! Spring has finally come (we hope it stays!) and our kiddos will be doing lots of outdoor playing which means lots of fun, cute pictures to post! I can’t wait!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bella’s Crib & Half Way!!

We bought Bella’s crib and changing table today.  We had originally picked out a crib that was much more expensive…and then I found this one on Craigslist (are there any other Craigslist junkies out there?) that is in perfect condition and solid wood (not something you really see these days!)

I absolutely love the set.


changing table

We still have not decided what color her bedding will be.  So the pink stuff in these pictures is not our bedding…it is the bedding that the woman who sold it to us had.  I am pretty anti-pink…pretty bad when you are having a baby girl these days huh? 

Speaking of pink…do these people who make baby clothes not realize that little girls like other colors besides PINK?!  OH my…I have been overwhelmed at how much pink there is in a baby boutique!! I guess I need to get over my dislike for the color…huh? 

On another note…I am now 20 weeks pregnant!! HALF WAY!!! I remember when I posted THIS about finding out I was pregnant and announcing it to the “bloggy world” :) 

Here is me…at 20 weeks pregnant:

20 weeks

And a front view (being silly)

20 weeks 2

I am really getting big now! Things are starting to become uncomfortable (i.e. shaving legs, painting toes, putting on socks) but not too bad yet. 

I will post Bella’s nursery bedding when we decide on it :)

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sugar and Spice…

And everything nice…that is what little GIRLS are made of!!

I'm A Girl!

Yep, we are having a precious baby girl!! Her name will be Isabella Grace.  She will be called Bella by most.  We had originally picked out the name Lilyann but I had so many friends naming their daughters Lily or some variation of it that I had to change it.  So we ended up with Isabella ‘Bella’ Grace Beach!  She is so perfect.  I was so excited in the ultrasound room today.  My mom was on speaker phone (she cried), my husband and mother in law were with me in the room.  We were all so happy to hear how perfect our little Bella is.  Here are some more pictures for you to indulge in:


4D picture of her with her arms above her head.  Funny thing is that I sleep this way!!

4D 2

Another 4D shot.

4D legs

Her sweet little legs in 4D.




Bella crossing her legs.  Already a little lady.


And her little profile!! Isn’t she beautiful!?!

Her daddy and I can not wait to meet her!

Stat update:

-Gained 6 lbs total.

-Bella weighs 9 ounces and is 11 inches long.

-Heartbeat was 152.


Perfect :) I could not be more excited!!! Our family is overjoyed at the addition of a new grand-daughter and great-grand daughter!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Great Weekend!

We had a pretty great (nothing spectacular) weekend this weekend. On Friday night, my husband took me to eat at one of favorite places, Osaka. It is a Japanese Hibachi restaraunt. (sooo yummy) It was nice to be kid free and just the two of us (well 3 including baby Beach). After that we went home and watched a movie. Nice relaxing night.

Saturday we got up and around went to see our Memphis Tigers play was the last game of the season. We have season passes but I only went to 3 games total this year. I just had too much going on with the wedding in October and then finding out that we are pregnant and with school! ha ha. But we won the game! :)

Saturday evening we picked up the kids as usual. Just went home, watched movies and cuddled with our babies.

Sunday morning we got ready for church (it was BEAUTIFUL outside), went to church, came home and changed clothes quickly. We ate lunch at McDonald's and then off to the Zoo. There were a lot of people there but it was the first nice day of the year so I could not expect any less. ha. We walked around for a little while (until my feet were aching) and then I talked the kids into leaving and going to Sonic for ice cream sundaes!! yay :) So we had our ice cream and then it was time for the kiddies to go home :(

We dropped off the babies and then Noah and I relaxed on the couch until my show (Big Love) came on at 8.

Nice, relaxing, great weekend with my family. Nothing spectacular..but that is the way I like it!

***3 more days until we know if Baby Beach is a girl or boy!!***

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meet Buttercup!

kitty 1

kitty 2

kitty 3

kitty 4

Can you tell who likes to hold Buttercup??!!??

Buttercup came to us as a stray…we decided she was so pretty and loveable that we would try to keep her.  Well this cat is the most loveable, easy going cat you will ever meet!  She lets Kirsten carry her around everywhere (as you can see from above picture).  We thought she was just a few months old because she is really small but it turns out she is almost 2 years old! We had her groomed and set up an appointment to have her fixed.  She is our newest pet.  We have another cat named “Baby” but she is really old and doesn’t like the kids at all! ha ha.  So this is a new thing for them.  Kirsten is the one that is mostly in LOVE with Buttercup but Elijah likes to play with her too.  They mostly like to fight over who is going to play with her! ha ha.

I am sure we will have many more years of loving to do with Buttercup!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

17 weeks!

On Saturday I was 17 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe that time has flown by so fast! I love being pregnant.  I just wanted to share a quick picture of my “baby bump” with you.

preggo 17

It is not a very good picture because I took it myself but you can tell my belly is getting bigger :) I can now feel the baby move…it is really awesome.  I am just amazed every day that God has trusted me to carry this baby and raise him/her in HIS name!! What an honor!!

I have my next OB appointment next thursday (03/11) and we get to find out if we are having a boy or girl! I can not wait!!

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4th Birthday Skating Party

Last Saturday was my lil girl’s 4th Birthday Party.  We had her party at the local skating rink.  It was a lot of fun.  I just wanted to share these pictures with you.  All the kiddos had a blast!

party 1 

My babies before the party!

party 2

My mom with our babies before the party.

party 3

My little cousin Stevie eating some pizza!

party 4

My niece, Jayci, and I eating our pizza.

party 5

My daddy and step-mom, Dana.

party 6

Everyone eating pizza.

party 7

MiMi helping Kirsten read her cards.

party 8

Blowing out the candle!

party 9

Us :)

party 10

BFF’s! They are only a month apart…they play so great together!

party 11

Papaw (aka my Father In Law) skating (I might add that he has a broken foot and still decided to skate!! Crazy :)

party 13 

Daddy & Papaw helping Kirsten skate on the big floor!

party 12

I absolutely LOVE this picture.  We went out to eat with my parents after the party and this was after we had all eaten and skated and the kids were worn out.

From Left to Right: Kirsten (4), Jayci (4), Stevie (5) and Elijah (5).  They all play soooo good together!!

Everyone had a great time and we really loved seeing our AR family! Thanks Mommy, Dad, Dana, Christian (my lil brother, he is not pictured anywhere on here), Jayci and Stevie for coming to see us!