Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A New Chapter

Starting on Saturday I will be heading into a new chapter of my life. I am finally going back to school. I will be getting my BA in Elementary Education Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8). My school will be all online courses so I can continue to work full time and help provide for my family. I am very excited (and nervous) to start this chapter of life so please be praying for me as I make this transition. It will bring a lifestyle change for me and I am looking forward to benefiting from this in so many ways.

Speaking of new chapters, I will soon be entering another new chapter in my life in October when I marry my best friend, Noah. The wedding plans are coming along great. I am starting to get a lot of anxiety about it all because there are so many parties/functions that I have to attend and that are being thrown in my honor. I am glad to have them all and to have people that love me enough to throw me a party but I didn't realize it would be all this! There are 74 days left until the wedding! I very ready for it to be here but also thoroughly enjoy planning it. So it is bittersweet.

On a different note, Please continue to pray for Stellan and his family. You can read all about his story here.

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