Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding Madness!

That is what I have...WEDDING MADNESS!! I pretty much eat, breathe, sleep, work, and plan my wedding...those are the top 5 things in my life right now! Lol. I can NOT wait for the BIG day to get here! Here is a list of things I have left to do:

Get invitations out..deadline August 1st
Buy favors
Make sure guys get fitted for tuxes
Register for gifts (I know I am way behind on that one)
Buy gifts for attendants, parents, grandparents etc.

I think that is all I have left! I can not believe it! My dress is still at the bridal shop they are holding it until a couple of weeks before the wedding.

This is our wedding website, check it out:

Also, this is the cabin we are staying in on our honeymoon (I can NOT wait!)

And here is where the actual ceremony and reception will take place:

I am counting down the days and I am sure driving everyone crazy in the process!

87 Days!

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