Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Funny Things Kids Say

I don’t know about you but our kids say the funniest things!! Recently here are a few I have heard…

Elijah: “I want to be an army man” 

Me: Really? Why?

E: So I can kill dinosaurs!

Me: Baby, there aren’t dinosaurs anymore.

E: Yes there is..on the island remember?? (we had previously watched Jurassic Park…I had to think about what he was taking about!)

Me: Oh that is a movie honey.

E: Yes I know..a movie about army men and dinosaurs!!


Also this weekend we had a chat about cars & trucks here is how that went:

Elijah: I need to put gas in my car.

Me: Oh you do? Why is that?

E: Because cars go slow when you don’t have gas in them and I want my cars to go fast.

Who knew?? Lol.


On Sunday morning Kirsten had several excuses for not wanting to eat breakfast here they are:

“It is too dark outside to eat!”

“I need to clean my ears out.”

“I have something in my eye.”


Upon being asked where he got all his awesome dance moves, Elijah states to us:

“JESUS gave them to me!!”

Wow…I had no idea..why didn’t he give ME awesome dance moves! Just kidding!


I have lots more but that is all I will share for now!


  1. lol.. Too cute .. They are just too funny! God Bless them.. :) I have 4 of my own so i know there is not a dull moment with these kiddos..Nice Blog BTW..