Monday, September 28, 2009

Rotten Monday!!

Today I have had a rotten Monday!! I am not sure anything else could go wrong..well I am sure there could but I don't want to think about it!

Lets rewind back to this morning...I woke up, woke my 3 yr old up, got her dressed, fed her, sat her in front of the tv so I could get ready (my hair of course would not do right), was late getting out the door. Hubby calls 2 minutes after I leave and says "My van keys are in your purse..I need them!" I have to turn around go back to the house and give hubby the keys. I then run over something on our street and drag it several blocks until I can pull over at a gas station..unknown something is now gone and my car is not making funny noises now. So I stopped for no reason. These two incidents make me late for work. Fun!

I get to work, have a not so pleasant e-mail from my boss, learn I am having to train the boss' son-in-law, and have tons of messages from the weekend to answer. Fun, again!

The morning goes pretty smoothly, except for all my crazy clients seem to be calling. Lunch time comes and I get out my Healthy Choice steamer for lunch, take it into the lunch room, proceed to open said Healthy Choice steamer and all over the floor goes my rice and entire lunch! Fun!!

I then get my keys and proceed to go to McDonald's for lunch, before getting out of the drive of my work, I realize I don't have my debit card. Phone Rings. Hubby says he lost his wallet (with my debit card in it) and that I need to call the bank and cancel my card. I look to see if I have any cash..only $100 bill!! I go inside my office to see if there is change..only $95 worth of change! Are you kidding me?? I take it anyways. Go to McDonald's get some Chicken Nuggets, go back to work and chicken nuggets are burnt!! Wow..could this day get any better!!??

I then have to pick up my 5 yr old from Kindergarten at 3:15..I leave work in plenty of time to get there, walk up to where he is supposed to be..don't see him. Hmmm..then the Teacher tells me that his mom picked him up. It is our week and she just didn't want me to pick him up! So I took off work, drove all the way to pick him up and she (to be spiteful) picks him up instead! Then she proceeds to call Hubby and yell at him about me picking him up. Can we say grown up??

So now, I am sitting at work (almost fuming) and really ready to go home and drink some wine.

Oh and did I mention that my teacher has not graded my essay that I turned in almost a week ago!! C'mon!!

Well God always tests us and I guess this is my test for the week! At least I really hope so!


  1. Oh sorry for the not so pleasant day...Remember God does not giver us more than what we can handle. Therefore you should be just fine in no time :)

  2. Oh Cori, what a terrible Monday you had!!!! Really hope it ended better than it started.
    Sometimes there are just days like this and sometimes I do believe that it is a test for us ;-)

  3. hey girl, hope you having a great week.

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