Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Lives Recently

Let's see..what have we been up to recently? Working, School, of course wedding planning, (24 days to case you were wondering) and a little bit of sadness.

On Tuesday I took my final exam (my first one since starting college) and I made an 84% in the class! It was a Language and Communications class. I am really proud of myself! I was really nervous about that whole thing but it turned out I was nervous for nothing.

Work lately has been stressful for me because I just feel myself becoming more and more distant from the girls that work here, who I used to be friends with. I am not sure what the reason for this distance is but it is definitely there.

We have been dealing with some rough news lately as well. My fiance's mom (Teresa aka MiMi) was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of weeks ago. The doctor's say it is not life threatening but she will have to have the lumps removed and also go through radiation. She was really worried about this being so close to the wedding but the doctors have agreed to allow her to wait until after the wedding is over to have any treatments. She goes next Thursday for another MRI and Ultrasound. We pray that it is not anywhere else besides where they already pinpointed it at. Our family is just giving it all to God and know that His Will will be done.

I also found out some not so great news this morning. My 21 year old cousin is 26 weeks pregnant and she started hemorrhaging this morning. She has been in the hospital all day but the doctors are not giving her baby a very good survival rate. She was raped several times as a young child by her step father and the doctors are saying that messed up her reproductive organs. If she loses the baby, the doctors say that she will not be able to have any more kids and will need a hysterectomy. Hard news for a 21 year old newlywed.

UPDATE: After posting this I spoke with my mom, she stated that my cousin is only 22 1/2 weeks pregnant and she is still in the hospital. She went in to labor and dialated to a 4 but they stopped it. In the mean time she lost almost all of her amniotic fluid. They have her on bed rest until they can deliver the baby after he has developed more. They are not sure of the outcome yet. Please continue to lift this couple up in prayer!

Please keep these people in your prayers that God's Will be done in their lives. Amen.


  1. Hi Cori.. Well for some reason i am very drawned to you blog :)

    First congrats on the test.. Yes u did great :) Also i will pray for your mother-in-law with the Lord by our side NOTHING can come against us.. and we rebuke that Cancer out of her in the name of JESUS :)...

    Will also pray for your cousin.. That the new life inside of her be of many blessings for her life..

    Thanks for sharing have a awesome rest of the day :)

  2. Congrats on the test and final grade.

    I'm so sorry for both your mother-in-law and cousin. Any further updates?