Monday, September 21, 2009

The Funny Things Kids Say...Part 2

Over the weekend we had our oldest..Elijah from Saturday night to Sunday afternoon. During said time we have this conversation:

Elijah: "Did you have this batman toy?"

Me: "Nope I am a girl"

E: "Why not??..Not even when you were little?"

Me: "No honey I was STILL a girl then and I didn't play with little boy toys"

E: "Well that is weird that you are a girl."

Me: "Why is that weird?"

E: "Because you can't play with really cool batman toys."

Me: "Ohhh ok!"

We then had a conversation about why God makes boys..boys and girls..girls. I told him that God just makes us either a boy or a girl when our mommy's are still pregnant with us. He then tells me that he was a baby once..I told him I knew that. Then he proceeded to tell me this:

"When I was a baby..Kirsten was no where"

I didn't quite understand what he meant and made him repeat it and then I explained to him that he was older than Kirsten therefore he was born first...then he says...

"God made me first so I could play with my toys without Kirsten always taking them and hiding them from me!"

I laughed out loud really hard!!

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our 5 year old's mind! He is a hoot!


  1. Hilarious!! :-) I love kid quips. Kids really do say the darndest things!!