Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can I just say...

That I feel like God has been testing me lately. I mean I seriously feel like things have fallen apart but then gotten better rather quickly when I didn't complete flip out about them. I have noticed before that when something "bad" happens that I flip out and it seems to drag on and on. But the last few days God has been throwing some things my way and I have reacted calm, cool and collected and they seem to be fixed MUCH faster than when I freak out.

I admit...I have super bad anxiety and worry about just about everything. But honestly lately I have been more laid back than usual. Even in my job, which I don't particularly care for these days, I have been content and non stressed! I love that.

Now my school has been sort of a different situation. It has taken some coaxing from my husband to get me to calm down.

*A little fact about Cori...I HATE research, I HATE essays and I especially HATE research essays!*

And guess what I happen to be doing in my language class???

Yep you guessed it! A research essay!! ugh!

I am really trying to just finish it and not worry about the grade but that is really no way to be. So after much persuasion from my husband, I have decided to just get it done. Work on it 2 hours a night and not stress myself over it. I think that is the best way to do it! He is so smart...I knew I married him for a reason! :)

This post really does not make any sense but I just wanted to say those few little things.

On a different note:

I am super excited about this weekend because my niece and my mommy are coming up from AR to visit us and go to our local zoo. If you have never been to the Memphis Zoo...You NEED to go!! It is so awesome...we have season passes and really never get tired of it. I admit that sometimes I con the kids into wanting to go just so I can go! ha ha.

Well I guess that is all for now!


  1. Cori, I'm with you on the freaking out part. I freak so easily and worry and loose sleep it's not even funny anymore. And when I sit back and refocus on God - all things seem to fall into place.

    I love the Zoo. Wish we could go but it's too expensive right now!