Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Wedding

My wedding was so amazing and I wish I could share every picture with you.  But since there were almost 700 might not appreciate that! :)

But I will share with you (finally…I know) My top 20 favorites:

wedding 1

Our babies with my dress.

wedding 2

Me with my girls, Lesley and Sam.

wedding 3

Helping me with my veil.

wedding 4

Showing off my brown eyes.

wedding 5

My mommy and I.

wedding 6

Love this one of Papaw and Elijah.

wedding 7

Parker (Groomsman), Christian (Usher), Noah (Groom), Leroy (Best Man), Bradley (Usher), and Elijah (Ring bearer)

wedding 8

The boys again.

wedding 9

My handsome husband with his parents.


wedding 10

Can you say “just precious!?!” I love this one!

wedding 11

Saying the I Do’s!

wedding 12

I love him!

wedding 13

You can’t tell in this picture…but our unity candle would not light.  It was really funny though. 

wedding 14

First Kiss as husband and wife.

wedding 15

Our families…now united as one.

wedding 16

My girls and I.

wedding 17

Daddy’s Lil Girl

wedding 18

Us :)

wedding 19

Us again with the chapel in the background.

wedding 20

Waiting to in to the reception…I was super cold!

Wedding reception pictures to come! 


  1. Awww how beautiful! I especially love your flowers. The colors are stunning!!!!

    So how do you like being married? ;-)

  2. What beautiful pictures, and I love your dress!!