Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thank You Very Much!

The Daily Dribbles

Today is "Thank you Very Much" Thursday at The Daily Dribbles, so I figured I would play along too!

-To my husband (who refuses to think he is sick and therefore does not go to the doctor) who woke up in the middle of the night throwing his guts up and scared the holy jeepers out of me (and his parents!)...Thank you very much!

-To the management of our building who think that 59 degrees is a suitable temperature for November, and therefore causing me to FREEZE my hiney off everyday at work..Thank you Very much!

-To the awful Memphis drivers who do not pay attention and almost hit me and my friend 3 times while crossing the street (we had the walk symbol) to get some lunch...Thank you very much!

-To our clients that are doing credit counseling on speakerphone and feel that it is necessary to scream so loudly into the speakerphone that I can hear them 3 offices away...Thank you very much!

- To our clients (again) who deem it necessary to wear so much perfume/cologne that it makes us gag when walking through our lobby...Thank you very much!

Whew..that was therapeutic!

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  1. Thanks for linking up!

    I hope your hubby is okay. If he's anything like my hubby, he'll finally decide he needs to go to the doctor and either 1. Ask me to call for him or 2. Call and insist on being seen by anyone and also insist on some sort of medication. LOL

  2. Oh gosh I hope hubby is OK and that none of the rest of you get whatever it is he has!

    And the perfume thing drives me mad. Why is it that some women think we all like the smell of their perfume?

    Stopping by from Kmama's.

  3. Isn't this fun!
    I enjoyed your therapy session!

    also visiting from Kmama's