Thursday, November 12, 2009


Do you ever feel like Christ is pulling you to do something? I have felt that way for a while now and I can not figure out what he is wanting me to do. My husband protests at the abortion clinic here locally and I am set to volunteer at Life Choices starting in January.

But I don't feel like this is enough. For some reason I feel the burden of the world on me. I know that is probably my own fault for being so sensitive but I feel it strongly.

I tell my husband I want to sponsor kids in other countries..or our country. Honestly though, we are so broke until Hubby starts working again in February. Is it bad to still want to help another child, when we are struggling? I feel like God will provide for us no matter what.

I don't know how to explain this feeling. My heart breaks when I see pictures of kids without homes, parents, or families. Even when a child does have a family, but they are living in pure poverty, it breaks my heart.

I am having an emotional day today. I just don't know what to do..or how I can help.


  1. Oh Cori Lynn this is sooo great you feel like this! (weird right) The only thing you need to keep in my is not to worry, other than that is so good to have this desire to help.

    I think that if sponsoring a child is hard for you guys right now, but you still want to help someone, there's a lot of ways to help in your community. Especially this time of year..
    Families in shelters who would enjoy prayers :)

    There some churches who organize things like this..

  2. Cori, I know how you are feeling. Right now it looks like we will be having to sell our house sooner rather than later but yet I still try to give to others in need. I feel that God will provide a way for us. I'm not talking about giving away hundreds of $$ for others when we ourselves are struggling aswell. But I think I can spare that 10$ and give it to a child in need rather than buying meat for dinner.

    Prayers for you!