Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rehearsal & A tad of Wedding!

I know you have been waiting and waiting for some wedding pictures…well maybe not but here they are anyways.  These are just the pictures that I have on my camera so it isn’t much.  I will have my professional pictures soon (I hope!) 


On Friday, I had such a long day.  It rained and rained and when you thought it could not rain anymore…it rained some more..ugh!  So I had TONS of errands to run and my hair ended up a mess…oh well.  We had a nice rehearsal and then a good dinner at one of my favorite places, The Silver Caboose located in the town I live in. 


Leroy (left, my father in law) and Dennis (right, my daddy) practicing the lighting of the unity candle.  We decided to have the fathers light the candles instead of the mothers for a couple of reasons.  I have a mom and step-mom, which would have made for a difficult situation, and the fathers are the leaders of the family, so they should light the candle that is symbolic of our families. 

Here are  few pictures from the I said..I don’t have many.


My sister helping me with my earrings.


Cute toes in my wedding shoes.


Kirsten, my flower girl, who also happens to be my beautiful daughter, helping me put my shoes on.  It was so cute, she brought them to me and asked me if it was time to put on the “cinderella” shoes.  :)


Me and my Maid of Honor, Samantha..isn’t she beautiful??


Me with my beautiful babies before the wedding.  Now maybe I am biased but they have got to be the cutest kids ever :)

wedding party

The entire Bridal Party.  From Left to Right: Lesley (Bridesmaid), Christian (Usher), Samantha (Maid of Honor), Cori (Bride), Noah (Groom), Leroy (Best Man), Parker (Groomsman), Bradley (Usher), Elijah (Ringbearer) and Kirsten (Flower girl).

We had a lovely day.  There was only one hangup the whole time and that was that my unity candle would not light.  The wick on the main candle was too short and would not light.  We laughed it off and it really added some humor to our wedding. 

It rained all week and all day before our wedding but our wedding day was a cool 63 degrees with no rain.  It was a little overcast but never rained a drop.  I just loved every bit of it! All the months of planning and hours I put into it was WELL worth it!  Thanks to everyone for all your wishes of luck!! We had the perfect day and ultimately we thank Jesus Christ our savior for such a great day. 

I can’t wait to post all the professional pictures!!


  1. What a beautiful bride you were!!!! Congratulations again!!!!! Love the pics!

  2. Congrats Cori!!! Gorgeous wedding and bride!