Tuesday, October 27, 2009

True Story Tuesday

This is my first week playing along with True Story Tuesday but man what a Sunday I had, so I just had to tell you all about it!

Sunday started out as a normal day..actually it was an exceptionally swell day because my hair was working PERFECTLY for me :) (you know those days when your hair does exactly what you want it to do and doesn't give you any grief??) So my sweet family and I got up, got ready, went to church as usual and went home. We quickly changed into our fall themed outfits (yes this was MY idea) and we went off to eat. Earlier in the week I had researched different pumpkin patches and fun farms to take the kids to. I found one that was about an hour from our house but looked really fun. It even had GREAT reviews!

So after lunch we headed off to find the "pumpkin patch". When we were almost to the road the pumpkin patch was on, I remembered that I didn't have any cash and neither did my loving husband...so I make him find an atm. Oh and did I mention that we are literally in the middle of NOWHERE...so we had to turn around (take backroads, almost hit a deer) and find the nearest town with an ATM. It took us about 20-25 minutes to do this.

We get the money and go back to where we are supposed to be, turn down the road, go all the way until it dead ends and realize that we didn't see the "pumpkin patch" at all. So hubby turns back around and we drive really really slow to find the correct address, thinking we just missed it somehow.

We find the correct address and see what these people call a "fun family farm" and a "pumpkin patch". It literally looked like something off the chainsaw massacre!!! And even if it was open, which it wasn't, I would have never taken my kids there!

I am pretty irritated at this point. (Wouldn't you have been?)

So off we go back to our house (oh and did I mention that our GPS was not working at all?!?) Hubby misses our first turn and takes the next one thinking it will take us to the same place...WRONG!

We end up on a road that is forever long...BUT just as we were about to turn around..we see a sign for "Uncle Tom's Family Farm" which was another pumpkin patch I had researched. We zip in there and finally get to pick pumpkins, play, and go through a corn maze. We also find out while there that we are only 20 minutes from our house!!

Wow..what a Sunday.

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  1. Haha, oh wow. What an adventure!!!!! But aren't you glad you now know that next year you'll just have to drive 20 minutes? Hehe!

  2. That is so funny. Sometimes that GPS makes things worse, huh? This week is my first True Story Tuesday too! You shuold check it out!

  3. That is so funny and not funny at the same time. Ugh! Glad you happened upon a patch so that it was not a wasted trip!

  4. Oh man... sounds like something that would totally happen to us!

    When it seems like nothing is going right, I just remind myself that God may have had a reason for bringing me right there, right then.

    So glad you guys found a good place for pumpkins after all!

  5. Cori!! So glad you linked up for TST!!

    That is quite the pumpkin patch story! Were the kids asking "how much longer" and "are we there yet" every five minutes? LOL