Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Zoo Boo!!!

**This is my 5th post today!!!…I promise it will be my last…just playing a little catch up I guess!!**

Last Friday we took the kiddos to the Zoo Boo at the Memphis Zoo.  My camera died right after we go there so I didn’t get too many good pictures so these will have to do!


Kirsten a.k.a. Fairy Princess hanging out with PawPaw.


Elijah a.k.a. Batman trying to beat up the Raccoon with his blue candy bucket..not sure what is wrong with our child but it was super funny to watch!! ha ha.


Noah with his babies.  Aren’t they all so precious???


Me, MiMi, Kirsten, and Elijah

103 106

Elijah thought that climbing the rock wall at Zoo Boo was a good idea…well it wasn’t…he didn’t get very far up that wall until he let go and slowly came back down.  He tried again…with no success.  And again…no success.  Oh well at least he is up to trying new things!!

Ok that is all my posts for tonight.  I am sure I will come up with a Wordless Wednesday for tomorrow…not sure yet though. 

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