Friday, October 2, 2009


My Mother in Law saw her doctor and surgeon yesterday. They scheduled her surgery for the 27th of October. They will be doing a lumpectomy and then radiation treatment. We are hopeful this will get everything taken care of and that she will not have to undergo anymore treatments or surgeries!

Mawmaw (Noah's grandma) has had H1N1 (swine flu)..yuck..but is really starting to feel much better! She is fighting it off very rapidly for her age and other medical conditions she has.

My cousin (who lost her baby) is still mourning her loss but is relying on God to get her through. She is just taking things day by day and she has 3 step kids to keep her busy. Please keep her in your prayers as she is so young to face this kind of loss.

The wedding is in 8 days!! I am really getting excited..things are starting to really fall into place..BUT then again things seem to fall apart too. Just hoping that we can get through it...alive! lol. Not much longer now and I will be Mrs. Noah Beach! :) I love it!

Hope you had a fantabulous week!!

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